Tech Minutes video w/ Viva Insights demo by Microsoft Researcher


Hi all, I'm Melinda. I work on a video series called Tech Minutes, where we spotlight the innovative work our Microsoft researchers are doing. 


Given its day 1 of the Microsoft Research Summit, I wanted to share this recent video with Jonathan Larson, Data Scientist and ML Expert at Microsoft ResearchTech Minutes: Organizational Analytics. He talks about how he and his team apply network ML to organizational science, how we can better understand collaborative patterns of resilience, and showcases open-sourced projects such as Graspologic or Graph Drill Down.


You can see how how they've deployed this tech into products via his demo in Viva Insights (Workplace Analytics Azure Templates feature) - starting ~9:28 in the video.



Feel free to use this thread to let me know what you think of the video or overall learning experience you had :) And for easy access, here are the links he shared at the end:


Thank you!


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