Teams search bar with Viva Connections does not search SharePoint site

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With a home site integrated into MS Teams with Viva Connections, users are complaining that after navigating to a SharePoint list it isn't possible to search the just the contents of that list. In fact, the top search bar doesn't seem to be searching anything on the SharePoint home site that's integrated into Teams. Is there any way to configure the search experience such that users can have a consistent search experience when accessing the intranet from both SharePoint and Viva Connections?

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I also have this issue. My customer wants Viva Connection embed to put their intranet homesite intoTeams. Now they cannot search the intranet content. @Brian Mair 

I did see in my CDX demo tenant that there is a search scope showing Teams and the Homesite. The Homesite is a hub, but the associated sites don't seem to show in the results - just pages in the homesite itself. I'm hoping at least that the search will have the two scopes showing when we deploy Viva Connections. 


Search for intranet content in Teams: On the home page, you can search for intranet content in SharePoint by searching in the Teams search bar. Search results will be displayed on a SharePoint site in the browser.