Search viva Topics using SharePoint search API

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Hi All,

I have an urgent requirement where I need to search the viva topics (keywords) across the Sharepoint tenant, the result should display only viva topic information including pinned peoples and resources. 

I tried but didn't find any API endpoint for this requirement. I also tried to develop a custom SPFX web part to achieve this functionality but I have stuck. Can anyone help me with this?

Your help is greatly appreciated. 

Thanks in advance!



Satyendra Paul

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Currently there isn't and Public API:s for Viva topics but you can check the Syntex API if it's of help:


Hi @NicolasKheirallah,

Thank you for the reply. I tried with the rest API syntax shared by you but no luck.

Please keep sharing if you find anythin in the future related to Viva topics.



Satyendra Paul