Review then publish but not showing in "Published" list

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I understand that the published list must be some form of scheduled query (as it shows the time it was last refreshed) [PS: we need an on-demand refresh button here]


but it really destroys the workflow. I see a topic in Suggested, I edit it and publish it but then I get no confirmation it has been published AND it is still in the Suggested list:
so I go check it again, my changes don't appear so I repeat my edits and then when I go to publish - bang - not saved as there the system says the page was already published.


Basically I have to wait a day to see the page finally in the Published list and then I can make additional edits.  With 200 topics in my queue I need a real time system!


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After reading Topics in the Real World - thank you @Chris Shaida - I this issue mentioned elsewhere. At least I added some screen shots :)

it takes its time (24-48+ hours) though to move a Topic from Confirmed to Published and its behavior in the meantime is rather odd
the edits don't always show up when accessing the Topic from the Suggested view (but do show up if one sneaks around the back door and looks at the Page itself)
it will let one edit the apparently unchanged page until one tries to publish but then gives a conflict error (which is good albeit somewhat late in the process)