Read API for Viva Topics

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Hello everyone! First of all, Viva seems to be a great app that Teams definitely needs. I am curious to know if there is already an API that allows me to get all Viva topics inside my Teams. If not, are you thinking of making a read API for Viva topics available in the very near future. 

Thank you in advance!

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We are working on APIs for later this year.

@Chris McNulty Any update on this?. when should we expect the apis to be available?

@eridab I would be interest to know when the API are available too.

I, too, am interested in this. Now that users can leverage #hashtags in Teams and documents to mention topics, no doubt leveraging managed Metadata, I'd need to auto-generate topics (and maybe assist with topic owner assignment) based on other business application data.
no timeline for Viva Topics API, no Roadmap?
Maybe more people asking the same question helps ?
So again: is there a roadmap for an API for Topics ?
@Chris_Mcnulty is there any update on the API availability or connector for Viva Topics?
Is there an update on the availability of the APIs?