Microsoft Viva Days 2022

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Microsoft Viva Days India 2022




Microsoft Viva Days 2022 is the first-ever event in India for Microsoft Viva products. It was held on May 14th, organized by Microsoft community members - Jasjit Chopra, Narasima Perumal Chandramohan, Vignesh Ganesan, Shrushti Shah, & Mythili Ranganathan. This was a one-day virtual event that saw great success and participation from all around the globe. More than 550 people registered themselves to attend the event. The registrations and attendances both exceeded our expectations and we had around 80+ attendees.



Our Expectations:




The goal of the event was to make people aware of and to give them a deeper knowledge about Microsoft Viva products – topics, learnings, connections & insights. We conducted a total of 11 sessions which received strong national & international appeal and a lot of enthusiasm in the form of questions and answers from the attendees and speakers in the chat. The sessions were delivered by renowned Microsoft MVPs, MCTs, MCPs, experts, and community leaders & speakers around the globe.



Event Details:


The event was started with an opening note by Vignesh Ganesan and continued with the sessions by speakers.


Manpreet Singh talked about why organizations require Microsoft Viva, and Narasima Perumal let attendees know how to set up & manage Viva. Shrushti Shah gave a detailed introduction about the dashboard of the Viva Topics & Viva Connections and Aroh Shukla explained how to be certified in Viva Insights. Abhijeet Jadhav talked about Viva Learning: Learning in the flow of work.




Nanddeep Nachan & Smita Nachan talked about how to set up and extend Viva Connections with SPFx. Siddharth Vaghasia gave a session about consuming APIs in ACEs to customize the Viva connection. Kat Greenan talked about Viva insights: analytics to improve collaboration behaviors in the workplace. At last, three speakers Sara Fennah, Lesley Crook & Merethe Stave helped attendees explore MS Viva with a Tech Realists, an Optimist, and a Visionary.




The feedback and reactions from our speakers & organizers made this event more rewarding and pleasing. One of the speakers Lesley Crook thanking the organizers said, “It is an epic job bringing us together today, we all are very much explorers here.” All organizers thanked the speakers & attendees to give them an opportunity to host such amazing people and said, Teamwork makes a dream work on Teams.





Microsoft Viva Days 2022 was an 8-hour long and continuous event that started with an opening note and ended with an interesting quiz hosted by Shrushti Shah & Mythili Ranganathan.


30+ attendees actively participated and played well in the quiz where 20 questions were asked. The competitive spirit was high and very interest was at its peak. We also had some exciting prizes for the winners.




The prizes for the top 4 participants were:

1st prize – Echo Show 8 (1st gen 2020)

2nd prize – Infinity Spin 120

3rd & 4th prize – Noise ColorFit Ultra SE Smartwatch


Our 1st prize winner was Prasad Koneru, 2nd was Balaji C, and 3rd & 4th was Raghavendar S. and Arian, respectively.




Attendees really had a wonderful time learning at the event. “It is the super-best session, I’ve ever been to,” said Kumar Akshaya, one of the attendees. “It’s a day to learn, practice, and rehearse your knowledge and skills for the future,” said Gurdeep. Artem Chernevskiy thanked the speakers for the session and asked, “Will we receive the recording after the session?”









Jasjit Chopra

CEO, Penthara Technologies


Shrushti Shah

M365 & Cloud Consultant


Vignesh Ganesan

Enterprise Cloud Architect

Narasima Perumal

Co-founder, Jiji Technologies

Mythili Ranganathan

SharePoint Consultant





Our sponsors were: Microsoft, Penthara Technologies, and Rapid Circle.




It was the first Microsoft Viva Days event where people didn’t only attend the event but also asked so many questions. Attendees gave really good reviews and asked for the next event date. It shows the event achieved its goal and had great success.



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