Learning Pathways and Microsoft Viva

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Hello Everyone, 

  • A couple of customers are planning to implement  Microsoft Learning Pathways and a few have already implemented it in their Teams.
  • Q: Any way to “migrate/integrate/make-use” of Learning Pathway if the customer wants to adopt Viva?
  • Q:  for both of them to complement, co-exist together providing different benefits to the customer?

Any pointers will be greatly appreciated. 


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Viva learning can use Learning Pathways content as usual Sharepoint learning content.
Basically all I need to do is give it the URL of the LPW site in the Viva learning config, in admin center. Right?

@Alex Tihme 


Correct ...what did for the customer ... Viva with Learning Path.png



@Aroh Shukla Thank you. We did that too for now as my customer doesn't use Viva Learning yet. I read this article which actually describes how to add learning content from SharePoint sources. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/viva/learning/configure-sharepoint-content-source?view=o365-worldwi...