Installing Viva Connections



I'm trying to install Viva Connections with these instructions.
I've created a communication site and set it as the home site but I don't get the global navigation settings. What could cause this? Is there a way to enable global navigation with PowerShell?


I'm the owner of the site and a Global admin so it isn't a user rights issue.

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Any news on this?


We rolled out a tenant last week, I am global admin and SCA but I don't have the option either. 

Hi, I'm having the same issue. I don't even see this 'global navigation' option in the settings:



I'm primary owner of the Home Site and also followed the same instructions.


@WendyHubco Just saying the instructions do work - I followed them and installed Connections last week and got the global nav :)  Don't know how that might help ...
Global Nav.jpg



Ours finally appeared out of nowhere. 


We now have Viva connections and Global navigation set up

Here's a trick to see global navigation within Viva Connections:

@Asif Rehmani Except it shows up using your Edge settings (light) and not your Teams settings (dark mode!)

Now that really sucks. I don't use the dark experience so I didn't realize that. Hopefully Microsoft fixes that.