Implementing Viva - Topics vs Connections

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Hello - 


We are planning to implement all of the Viva modules as soon as we can. Lately we've been looking at Topics but have had issues getting the Topics to appear in the Office apps and know that it will be later this year when Topics is incorporated into Teams.  I realize there's very limited support at this time.


Now we're thinking that we should table Topics until it's more visible in our environment as we don't have an intranet yet and we're not using O365 Search or News regularly.


Is there any level of support offered for Connections at this time if we decide to go that route first?  


Is there a recommended sequence for implementing Viva modules?  @James Eccles 



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@moorekm There is no recommended sequence, the priority will largely be driven by each customer's priorities.


I wouldn't strongly disagree with your thoughts on Topics, but you could certainly begin work on topic discovery and curation now so that you are ready for topic visibility in Teams, Outlook etc. Bake the cake now and we'll add the icing soon :)


Our partner ecosystem is ready to support on Connections deployments.

Thank you @James Eccles! This is exactly what we're doing :)