How to merge topics?


Is there a way to 'merge' all of the (AI) Suggested Topics pictured below into a single Topic?

Viva - Topics to merge.jpg

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best response confirmed by Jim Duncan (Contributor)
That's coming on the roadmap

Thanks, @Chris McNulty!

In the meantime, what do you recommend we do with the ones pictured?
Or should we add their names as alternates for the 'gold' Topic and then remove the extra suggested ones?

Perhaps it would be better to just ignore them... :thinking_face:

@Jim Duncan That's broadly the right strategy, but in addition to adding to the alternate names you should also add some of the content from the topics you're going to remove.


The AI is looking for not only the strings, but also the context. Adding files as well as the alternate name gives a much richer signal.


But as @Chris McNulty notes, we have a simpler merge experience on the roadmap.