Disabling "Your intranet is now in Teams" popup on sign in

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We have Viva Connect showing our SharePoint homepage in Teams. Every time you sign in there is a "Your intranet is now in Teams" window the users have to close.  Has anyone found a configuration to prevent this popup? My users frequently sign in and out  going to and from external Teams.




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@jpeluso I'm experiencing the same thing. Any information from MS on other threads?

Thanks for flagging. I've passed this along to the product team.

Same here. Is there any news on this particular case? @Michael Holste 

@Michael Holste @jpeluso I just found this thread, as I'm having the same issue in our test tenant, where we're demoing Viva Connections. Is there a way yet to turn this off (or limit the number of times it pops up for a user)? Thanks!

Anyone find a fix yet? We aren't going to be able to roll this out in production if we can't find a fix in our dev tenant. Those pages pop up every single time someone logs into Teams.


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@m36five No updates to note on my end. We still experience this on every sign-in with our internal test group.

@Michael Holste do you have any news on this one? This pop up is starting to get a bit annoying.

@Benjamin Berglund Yesterday, I spoke to a Microsoft Premiere Field Engineer who specializes in SharePoint and Viva about this. He was aware of the issue and suggested it could be a bug, advising me to open a support ticket. I have just opened a Microsoft Premiere Support case, #29654817. I'll post updates here.

I've been told by MS Support that this is a known bug and there have already been two escalation cases created for the product group. Mine will be the third. Today we collected network logs inside of Microsoft Edge as the issue occurred, to provide to the product group with the escalation request. (The issue occurs for us in Teams Web and in Teams Desktop.) I'll continue to post updates here.
Would be awesome if we could just "Disable" this popup via. Intune :)
I was told today by Microsoft support that there is now a way for Microsoft to turn off these pop-ups tenant-wide, on the backend. This would disable them for all users, including new users, so no one would ever see these pop-ups.

In our case, we are still only running Viva Connections in our test tenant so I declined the work-around and said I was holding out for the bug fix. But I thought I'd post this here for anyone who wants to contact support to ask for the work around to be applied to their tenant.
Update on my Microsoft Premiere Support case, #29654817: I'm being told that the product group has told the escalation team that this is by design and there is a hotfix in process with no eta. This doesn't make sense, of course, because 1) showing a user that they have a new feature enabled every single time they open Teams for at least 4 months cannot be by design, and 2) if it was by design then there wouldn't be a hotfix in process. You don't hotfix something that is by design.

I've asked the technician to try to help me get a 10 minute call with someone from the product group. I doubt she'll be successful so I'm going to try to work my own channels to see if I can find someone. I think if the product group indeed suggested this is by design, then they don't understand the issue being reported.

Hey @m36five ,


From our POV - this is only happening first time a user opens Teams - on a new device.


Do you experience anything else, or am I misunderstanding something here?

@MikkelLundKnudsen  If it is only happening the first time a user opens Teams on a new device, that seems reasonable. I've learned that you can request these messages be turned off on the back end for the entire tenant, by opening a support ticket. What I and others are reporting is that these messages appear every single time a user opens Teams Desktop or Teams Web no matter how many times they've already seen it. It is happening in our test tenant for over four months now.


Occurring for users ever single time they open Teams Web or Desktop.Occurring for users ever single time they open Teams Web or Desktop.


Wow, okay. We only have it on first opening - and it still annoys me. Cant imagine what you are going through ;-(

Looks like too many of us were having this problem and it was too hard to fix so the entire first-run experience is now shut down, globally....

Microsoft 365 Message Center post MC358962:

Currently, when users log into Viva Connections from the rich Teams desktop client or Teams web client, they are presented with a multi-panel first run experience informing them about Viva Connections and its features. We have discovered instances where a user might see this experience repeatedly, even if they had seen it before.

The team is hence disabling this experience from the Viva Connections app for desktop users only while we improve this experience. We will re-enable it in the future and will communicate when it is ready again.

When this will happen:

This change is expected to take place starting mid-April and expected to complete by mid-May.

How this will affect your organization:

The primary impact for users of Viva Connections is that first time users will not be shown the first run experience on Teams desktop or web until we re-enable the feature.

What you need to do to prepare:

No action is necessary. This change will take effect automatically in your tenant. If you are planning to roll out Viva Connections to new users in your tenant, you can consider informing them of the capabilities that Connections provides for them, including access to your organization's intranet in Teams, ability to access relevant content and resources including global navigation, and simpler content sharing and collaboration. If you would like to take advantage of content, we have made available to help communicate Viva rollouts, see relevant items here: https://adoption.microsoft.com/viva.

According to the last post on this thread (6 months ago), the first-run experience was supposed to be disabled yet I'm still experiencing the issue every time I log into Teams. I just implemented it about two weeks ago to a test group and this is the biggest complaint thus far.


Edit: If I close MS Teams and re-open it, the new user experience doesn't appear. It's only if I log out of Teams and back in.

And now after two weeks, it doesn't open the first-run experience any more.