Connecting Power BI dataset to Viva Insights

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I recently downloaded the templates from Microsoft Viva Insight queries. I can use the reports in Power BI Desktop, but I would like to publish them to Power BI Service. I have published the reports to workspace, it fails when I try to enter the data source credentials for the dataset.

Failed to update data source credentials: The credentials provided for the VivaInsights source are invalid. (Source at {"scopeId":"}).  

I am using the same username and password used to create and execute the queries.  I tried all four Privacy level, and the only Authentication method is OAuth2.   


Any suggestions?


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How has it gone with this? did you get it working? :)

Have you tried using the PowerBI demos for viva connections and seeing if those works instead?

I have not, I will be working with the Viva Insight Administratior next week to verify we have the settings correct.  Any suggestions on settings to review for this?  @NicolasKheiralla

First guess would be check that the ScopeID is correct in the service
Second, Check that you don't have any firewall that's blocking connection

Which templates did you download ? I can give it a try
I think there are 6 Power BI templates. I have tried them all. They refresh in Power BI Desktop without issue, just when published and set up connection in Power BI service.

thanks for your help.