Confirmed Topic Disappearing

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Hi All, 


Loving learning more about Microsoft Viva and so pleased to see Microsoft focusing on Employee experience and well-being so much. 


I am currently running a trial of Microsoft Viva Topics and blogging as I go over at


One thing I have noticed is that I am receiving suggestions for Topics which I am confirming, however when I visit the Topics page later the same day or afterwards that the confirmed topics have disappeared. They don't appear in any of the sections of manage topic at all. 


I am approximately one week into the trial now, is this an expecting behaviour based upon the learning algorithm or have I stumbled upon a potential issue?


I kind of expected the suggestions to be dynamic based upon what was being learnt but once confirmed for them to be static with the content on the topic page being updated. 


Thanks in advance



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Barry, have been following you blog posts with interest. we appear to be a week or so behind you

Thanks @Chris Shaida I will give my blog post an update in the next few days, I was studying for an exam this weekend. Interesting to read your initial experiences as well.