Are the Viva components enabled/installed at the tenant level?


I work for a company that has one tenant with multiple, "independent" businesses using tenant for their specific operational and communication needs. A kind of venture capital/consultant business model with centralized IT where M365 is administrated, managed and supported. Therefore, a plausible scenario is that one of the business' leaders sees the advertisements and promotions for the Viva components and decides that they would like to use one of them for their business.


So our question is: Are end-users able to enable one of the Viva components, by requesting the necessary access/licenses, and paying for them on their own (thereby introducing Viva to our tenant in a siloed manner, just for their business) without the IT department knowing of it in advance? Or is Viva only enabled at the tenant level, for all users (and businesses in our case) by global admins?


We do not want Viva to be introduced to our tenant without IT knowing, without IT guidance and support, and independent from our overall M365 licensing administration.

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