Welcome to the Microsoft Viva AMA!

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Welcome to the first Microsoft Viva 'Ask Microsoft Anything' (AMA)! This AMA is an opportunity for you to ask questions and provide feedback about Microsoft Viva and the four Viva modules – Viva Connections, Viva Topics, Viva Insights and Viva Learning. Members of the Viva team will be on hand during this hour to respond to your posts.


Please introduce yourself by replying to this thread. Post your questions and feedback in a new thread within the Microsoft Viva AMA space by clicking on 'Start a New Discussion'.

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Hello All! This is Sarah from the Tech Community team! Looking forward to reading your questions!
Hi, I'm Malavika! A Senior Product Manager in the Microsoft 365 Marketing team who focuses on Viva Insights personal wellbeing experiences to help you get time back on your busy schedule and balance the need to stay connected with the need to disconnect and recharge.

Hi there, excited to be here and answer questions on the Viva Connections Dashboard. I'm the PM for the Viva Connections Dashboard across mobile, web, and our authoring experience.

Hi this is Chris - one of the product marketing leads for SharePoint, Viva, Syntex and Content Services.

Mel Crogle with RMI in Colorado.  Knowledge manager for the org looking to find tips to implement Topics. 

Welcome everyone! I'm Mike from the Employee Experience team and I focus on Viva Connections, Yammer, and employee engagement in M365. Excited for an hour of riffing about Viva!
Hi everyone! I'm John Mighell, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Viva Learning. Looking forward to answering your questions!
Good morning all! I'm Andrew Leach, a Senior Program Manager on the Viva Insights team specializing in our Organizational insights. Looking forward to answering your questions!
Welcome, everyone! I'm Leslie, from the Viva Insights product marketing team.
Hello All, this is Kim from Penn College in Williamsport, PA. I am an adjunct where I teach Office 365 and Office 2019; also work in Instructional Technology.
Hello everybody :)
I`m a Senior Consultant for SharePoint und Teams and also the Lead Consultant in our company for VIVA and Syntex. I`m currently working on a VIVA Topics best practice approach to consult companies how to use it the best way. I`m excited about all the questions and how others are dealing with VIVA.
Hello, My name is Christina and I manage a Collaboration services team. We are interested in learning more about Viva Learning.
Hello Mel,

How are you?
Could you please let me know how the suggested topics are being created.

Hi.  My name is Sara and I'm a Microsoft Certified Trainer from the UK.  I'm also a Teams superfan ;)

Hi, I'm Simon, I work with a variety of 365 tech, particularly SharePoint. Today I'm mostly interested in what Viva can do for a small company with a lot of external collaborators, and in Viva Learning for a report I'm working on for a member organisation.
Hi, all, I am the VP of Marketing and Business Development at Pillars Community Health, a nonprofit in the Chicago suburbs. We are in the process of launching a new employee Intranet in Sharepoint, embedding in TEAMS using Viva Connect.
I just turned topics on and it is creating the suggested Topics. I have over 3000 so far.



I am trying to create but none of the topics are appeared. Do you guide me the steps to create the suggested topics.

Oh, I just turned it on and they showed up. I do not know how it worked.