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I am configuring the topics but suggested topics are not coming up. Is there any steps do I need to follow.


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@Naveen_Rajdev Please file a support ticket so we have enough info to triage. Thanks for your patience 

could you please let me know how I will contact the Viva support team directly.
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Hi Naveen, you can submit a support ticket through the Microsoft Admin Center. Also, it can take several days (or up to 2 weeks) for suggested topics to start appearing, depending on how many sites/doc's you selected to index for Topics. The AI has to look across all the content and start to make connections to gather enough evidence of something being a topic before it will show it to you. So, that takes time.



I have opened the ticket with MS and they were saying


I hope you're doing well today. As discussed yesterday I have engaged my team regarding your request and confirmed that Viva topics is out of scope for Office 365 support unfortunately. 


Is this correct?


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I'm surprised to see this response Naveen. I've contacted the folks in CSS who we work with directly to see if they can help address this - resolve your issue of not seeing topics and also determine why you got this response from CSS. Do you have a ticket# you could share with me?