How will Topics and Search integrate?

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I have a lot of bookmarks set up in Search.  How will this integrate with Topics?  Will I need to create a topic for each bookmark?

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It would be great to be able to upload this list! Similar to the Managed Metadata question above. If you could upload a list of bookmarks w/ the links and have topics created. Ai could add on.
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Bookmarks are usually for a specific link, tool or site. Topics and Microsoft Search work well together already. If there's a topic card available for a topic as a high confidence result at the top of the page, it will appear in the search results. If you have a bookmark, that will supersede the topic card if there's both a bookmark and a topic with exactly the same name.
Will this also be the same for acronyms? the topic card will include the acronym (if I am right), so I would want to have the topic card show in search for the acronym and not my acronym list that I currently have. (FYI, we are only piloting topics right now and have not fully rolled it out)
That makes sense. Keep bookmarks for quick re-directs and topics for things that need definitions, files, people, ect. I think this will be a shift for many organizations!
Agreed. We are still trying to get our head around it since so many Topics surfaced right away. For us, it is probably going to be a full time job managing it.
Wow! Have you launched any of your own topics? Or have you just used the AI suggested one?
I created one topic on my own to see what it would do but haven't done much past editing the AI suggested ones. It has been a lower priority for us until now. We are going to really start working on it this summer. But with over 3000 AI suggested topics, I think I am mainly going to be editing. :)