Enumerated USB Audio CODEC

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In Windows 10 (and I assume 7 and earlier) if I plug a USB hardware device into several different USB ports on my computer running Windows 10, a new enumeration results even though the same driver is used.  Example; if I plug the hardware into my computer's left most USB port on the front panel the hardware is enumerated as USB Audio CODEC.  When I plug the same hardware into my computer's right most USB port on the front panel the hardware is enumerated as USB- 1 USB Audio CODEC.  The saga continues especially when using USB hubs and the enumeration could easily get to be double digit enumeration names.  3rd party software that uses this hardware depends on seeing consist naming of the hardware that is plugged in, so the user must go to the software setup section and verify the correct hardware is selected in case the hardware was plugged into a different USB port on the computer.


I'd like to be able to wipe the USB enumeration table from my Windows 10 installation since I've now decided what exact USB port the hardware will always be connected to (so the only enumeration name would be USB Audio CODEC).  The Microsoft Community (non tech) suggested I use the USBDeview utility to delete the table.  I have tried that and it did not work.  As a test I deleted the last two enumerated devices;  USB- 8 Audio CODEC and USB- 9 Audio CODEC from the list, rebooted.  I then plugged the hardware into a new USB port on my computer, the OS enumerated the hardware as USB- 10 Audio CODEC.


Is there a way to fix this issue or should I just live with the problem?  Is there a limit to the number of enumerated names?





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