Wrong completion date: after Ctrl+D, the task's completion date turns a day earlier than curr.date

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Hi, everybody!


I have an annoying issue - well, I thinks is a bug. When I check a task as ended (Ctrl+D on keyboard), the completion date is wrong. Look at it:




Can you help to solve that?


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Oh! I forgot to say another thing: I followed the same steps on Windows, iOS and Web. I got the same behavior: the end date was a day earlier than system date.

We have also seen the same issue in two of our tenants. We opened up a case with Microsoft Premier on January 14, 2019, but the issue has yet to be resolved and no indication of a root cause.

Hi, Lauren!


Thanks for replying! If you have an answer, please let me know!



@marcelamelo Same problem for me. Wanted to use an Ended task report but not possible with this bug. Did you get a solution?

Hi, @CFontaine!


I still have noticed a misbehave and no solutions were raised up. :(





... I requested a follow-up with Premier Support - I was told that the engineering team is still working on a fix.   I'll let you know if more information becomes available.  The only workaround that I see is to mark tasks complete via Outlook on the web or Outlook desktop client.  Marking tasks complete in To-Do will result in a completion date, which itself will vary depending on where the task was created and where it was marked completed (see attached).   From testing, it does appear to be related to time zone handling.

Almost five years after the initial message, I can confirm the issue (sadly) remains unfixed.