Wish list after extensive use of To-Do

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After using To-Do on a daily basis, her is a wish list for To-Do (I use the Windows app and the iOS app):

1. define what is "next week": I want reminder on Monday, not Sunday. 

2. Template: I have repeating to-do lists. Since a list cannot be copied from within the Win app, I made a template folder, created a master list in there, copied it then moved it around. It's a silly workaround

3. Tabbed display or multiple windows: I have 4 accounts signed in: Company #1, Company #2, Company #3 and personal. The reminders work on the active account, so this would be a game changer.

4. Consolidated search: search across all accounts (or those selected)

5. Consolidated My Day tab: all the due tasks (past and current) from all accounts or those selected.


What am I missing ?


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@DrBHebert I agree about "next week". And why are we just limited to Today, Tomorrow and Next Week? I often need to set the dates to the coming Saturday, but that's only an option on Fridays. There's plenty of room in the dropdown, why not show the next 7 days?

I use separate Chrome profiles to keep my accounts separate. I don't need to be able to do global searches, as my tasks never overlap.

Wish list never ends. You should include girlfriend wishes too. Lol!!