Windows app space distribution absolutely incorrect

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Hello To-Do team! I have been using the application for Win with pleasure for a long time, but I have been writing for six months that something in the application for Win is arranged completely wrong I have been writing in support for over half a year. Please fix this.
It's about space and panel allocation.

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I share your opinion. Where can feature requests be submitted?

Hi Roman K7, I do not lose hope that they will do it, it’s so easy, I don’t mind what the matter is (I wrote wherever I could find, facebook page, twitter, uservoice, various forms, like this https: // t. co / BYdlgFj45M (this link was thrown to me on Twitter) wrote simply to the email addresses, reviews on MS Store... those that I could find, but I only receive bla bla responce, every time they promise to make these changes .. but apparently few people are concerned about this and therefore I posted the topic on Reddit)