Windows app space distribution absolutely incorrect

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Hello To-Do team! I have been using the application for Win with pleasure for a long time, but I have been writing for six months that something in the application for Win is arranged completely wrong I have been writing in support for over half a year. Please fix this.
It's about space and panel allocation.

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I share your opinion. Where can feature requests be submitted?

Hi Roman K7, I do not lose hope that they will do it, it’s so easy, I don’t mind what the matter is (I wrote wherever I could find, facebook page, twitter, uservoice, various forms, like this https: // t. co / BYdlgFj45M (this link was thrown to me on Twitter) wrote simply to the email addresses, reviews on MS Store... those that I could find, but I only receive bla bla responce, every time they promise to make these changes .. but apparently few people are concerned about this and therefore I posted the topic on Reddit)

It seems we have a small victory here!) After half a year of bombing, some changes were made. Now the right panel can be made wider... but it couldn't go smoothly
The maximum possible stretch of the panel is not enough, where does this greed for space come from?)There is also a bug that does not allow stretching the panel at a time, you have to pick up the panel border with the mouse cursor several times (recorded on video)