Windows 10 ToDo App layout

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In the Windows 10 App, the screen is divided into 3 panels.


As you resize the window horizontally only the width of the middle pane expands - the two side panels stay the same size.


At full screen it looks a bit odd with the information on the side panels squeezed up while the middle panel is practically empty.



Is there a way to alter this behaviour so that the side panels expand too ?





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@Iain Hamilton 


Agreed. But for me it goes a step further than just being an odd layout -- somehow in the past few days my left pane has resized to be really narrow -- now it only shows 6-8 characters across for all list items, and there's no in-app option to resize the pane. The only option I have found to reset it is to uninstall / reinstall the app.


It would be nice to be able to resize those panes manually ...

This really does need a fix. I have moved back to Microsoft Task due to this limitation.