Why STILL no multiple account support on iOS or Mac?

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All multi-platform Office apps (i.e., not Access) allow multiple account integration, except To-Do. It's been requested and voted for since the beginning on UserVoice, to no avail. Microsoft has enabled multiple accounts in To-Do for Windows and Android, but not iOS and Mac, although multiple account integration on those platforms works flawlessly with other Office apps. This makes To-Do useless for anyone with busy lives both at home and at work.

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LOL the way MS is handling ToDo requests (it doesn't) is the primary reason I am considering replacing my W10 laptop with a MacBook once the time to upgrade comes. While Apple is even worse than MS when it comes to user requests, at least their services work extremely well across their devices. Since I am already forced to keep my personal tasks in Apple Reminders so that I could share them with other family members and get notifications while I am signed into my work Todo account, might as well take the next step. I love the idea of MS services, but the implementation is often just... not all there.

@Joseph Nierenberg I'm an Android + Mac user and use To-Do for both work and personal.


On Android obviously it works out of the box. For Mac what I do is install the To-Do app and login with my work account. Then for my personal account, I install Fluid (, with URL (, and Name (My-Do).


Works like a charm with them both acting as separate mac apps

same as just logging in to the second account through a browser, isn't it?
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you are able to share a private list with a work account. That way you can get private lists in your work account to-to on iOS. 

It’s not perfect, but it allows me to have my “private” list and a “family” list that’s also shared with my wife.

@stamik Having your personal tasks shared to work account is a very bad practice, and a professional company like Microsoft should not be promoting this.


This is a pain point that you can't switch between To Do personal and business accounts, without logging in and out each time. I ended up using another cross platform app like Todoist for my personal lists and to do for my business account but would really prefer to use one app. Come on Microsoft, there are so many business users that use ios that it makes no sense you have not enabled this functionality.
Todoist is superior to ToDo in every way as it is.
I would not even consider ToDo anymore had it not been dictated by work.
Pretty much everything MS touch is half-baked.
Using natural language input does not remove text that's been converted to date and time.
Adding a reminder is not tied to the due date by default or in the quick pick menu.
Planner and Todo overlap by some extent but only partially, which means you have to use both tools at the same. Tasks in teams adds a little integration but is still not a complete solution for all of MS task apps.
You can add task categories in Todo for Outlook or Web but you can't do anything with them - sort, filter etc. You can't have them in Todo app for Windows or iOS. You can have them in Planner but you can't use it for Todo tasks. You can use Planner and Todo in Tasks for Teams but you can't see categories.
You can add text formatting to notes on iOS but not in Windows app, so any formatting you add is deleted if you edit the note in Windows.
It feels like they have teams of summer interns working on their task apps and nobody's talking to one another, and no product management is being done.

Do we think this will ever be updated

crazy that this is still an issue today... (especially since it works on Windows and Android)