What will you do today? Notification BUG on Android

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Hi Guys,


I have two accounts set up my my To Do and use the app on android. Each morning at 9am I get a notification saying 'What will you do today?' I go into settings of each account and turn this notification off. The next day I get the notification again. I can't stop it.


The device is a OnePlus 6T running Android 10 OxygenOS


One of the To Do accounts is Business O365 and the other is an outlook.com account.

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I am having the same issue! very frustrating.

@rikrocks Me too! Make it stop!

@rikrocks Supposedly they're working on a fix, but in the meantime, you can go into App Notifications and in the Notification Categories for To Do you can specifically turn off "What Will You Do Today?"


Long press the To Do icon, select the "!" App Info icon, then App Notifications, where you will find a list of Categories and turn off "What will you do today?"