Web Version Design Change?

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I noticed today that my To Do looks a little different and that I can no longer see the color of my lists in the left hand navigation.  I'm not sure if this was an "Enhancement" of if it's a bug.  Anyone else notice this?

To Do Missing List Color 2.jpg

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Hi @Murphybp2,


Well, you are not alone.  The color theme is not visible in my left navigation as well for Outlook on the web. However, for the To Do Desktop App, the color theme is fine.




I checked other public forums and my guru networks, and no one has mentioned it.  


I have seen several unannounced changes with the Office365 & Microsoft365 features. For example, recently, I am seeing two different app Admin icons. 


The good news is users can influence change.  I encourage you to report this to Microsoft just in case it is a bug vs. by design.






@Teresa_Cyrus I finally got a reply to my ticket (over 3 weeks later) and this was the response. 


Hope you are doing well, this is a design change not a bug, however, I've passed your feedback on to the team so that we can keep it in mind as we continue to improve Microsoft To Do. Currently, you can add emoji to the list name as a workaround.


So it seems MS in their infinite wisdom decided to pull a feature just for the heck of it.