User with Exchange Online Mailbox and Enterprise E5 license cannot login to Microsoft To-Do

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one user in my company cannot login into the Microsoft To-Do app. (It works fine when he logs in via the web:


He has an Exchange Online mailbox and the Enterprise E5 license with To-Do enabled. 


The login error only occurs when he tries to log-in from outside the companies network (e.g. from home or other networks). He has the mobile app installed and on that, it works fine no matter if he is in the company network or at home.


The error displayed in the Desktop App says that To-Do requires an Exchange Online mailbox and that the user needs to make sure that he has/gets one. 


Any solutions for this?

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I have nearly the same pb.

Suddenly, my account is not enable to connect on ToDo, saying i must have an Exchange online account.

I have an E5...and Exchange is currently perfectly activated.

This is urgent we can recover all the tasks we put in this tool !!


I tried to uninstall / reinstall : pb still occurs.

It is relative to Something in some specific computer, as i am able to connect to same account from my laptop for example.

So i suspect a patch pb.

I currently load "Windows 10 1803" update, perhaps it will fix it - but i know it brings some other pb in some app , but it is not the current subject.



In fact, i solved it, by adding again the Office 365 account  to the Windows list of managed accounts.


I contacted the To-Do support team and they told me that this issue will be (hopefully) fixed with the next update. 


Till then they told me to try this:

"There is another work around you could try.
Can you please also try:

- Go to Windows Settings > Accounts > Other people
- Create a local admin account
- Go into Settings > Settings > Accounts > Access work or school
- Remove the Work account
- Restart the Computer and log in with the Local Admin account
- Connect to Work account again (Settings > Accounts > Access work or school).

After that, try to open To-Do again."