Todo - when creating a Next Step it's adding the step three times

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When I add a Step to a task on the web version, when I click  enter or add the app is adding the same step three times. it's really frustrating.

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@Mark Mason seems to have fixed itself. Likely a server error. Weird just the same.

@Mark Mason I'm still seeing this happen for me. I even cleared all cache and cookies for the to-do site and it's still happening. Incredibly annoying.

@patwalsh This problem for me is intermittent. For the most part it just "goes away." But then unexpectedly it rears it's ugly head and I'm deleting sometimes a second and even a third errant task. It's really weird. I still have no solution for it. 

It's also for new task.

@Mark Mason This has also been happening to me for over a week. Quite frustrating.  It's increasing my mouse mileage as I have to delete 2 tasks instantly. 

I am still experiencing this issue. Has a solution become available since?

March 2023 here and this is still recurring. Yes, quite frustrating. Upon a brief search for this issue elsewhere & a solution, NOTHING!

Perhaps if I re-enter this statement two more times, a solution from Microsoft or elsewhere will appear.
This has started happening for me in the last week, on Windows 10, Chrome browser. Also intermittent, so difficult to test.
I must be lucky. I only get two entries, not three. Macbook Pro, Ventura OS, Chrome browser.

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