ToDo tasks disappeared

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Hi, As of this morning, it appears there was an update to To Do (I assume, based on the fact that there was a "What's New notification). I can only assume the update is what caused this but all my tasks have disappeared. The list names still appear on the right but when I click them or the Tasks menu item, no tasks appear on the right. As this is my work task list, it is a rather large problem for me. Is there a way to roll back or retrieve the lost data? Kind regards, Bashierah
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@bashierah Happened to me too, all tasks missing for the last few days. Today I cleared all browser cookies associated with microsoft, live, etc on the todo website. Then restarted browser, logged back in, and all my tasks were back. 

Thanks @pushingupdaisy I will try that fix.

Mine are all gone too. This site is so buggy, even when everything hasn't disappeared I have to import my Planner tasks again every time I open it and whenever I add/move a task it freezes for 10-20 seconds. 


I tried using the mobile and desktop Apple apps instead but neither allows me to pull in Planner tasks at all. 


Would be such a great product if it worked properly!

Sorry to hear that @jsak007  Our experience has improved immensely since my last message here. Me and everyone else in my org who's using To-Do and Planner haven't been having issues. Everything's showing where it should be. There's nothing that we did to fix is, so I assume the issues were on Microsoft's side. So hopefully your services will start to work properly. Good luck!

Mine have all disappeared when I need them this morning too!
When I opened my To-Do Mobile App, all lists are gone. Everything is completely empty. I logged into the Desktop version and the lists are still there. What happened and how can I make the lists re-appear in the Mobile App? Kind regards

Hi @screensize, I'm no expert. What I would try first is signing out of the mobile app and then signing in again. If that doesn't work then delete the app and reinstall it. Hope this helps!


If you can't get the mobile app working then you can always use the app via a browser on your phone. Not as good as the app, but still OK.


Good luck.

@awmitchell I am experiencing this issue almost daily. The solution you suggest, to log out and then log back in, solves the issue, but it is cumbersome if you have to do it daily (no pun intended). I hope Microsoft will create a permanent and automatic solution.

Background: I use the latest versions of the To Do app mostly on my iPhone 11 and on my MacBook Air, occasionally I also use To Do on other devices or the web-version. I experience this issue both on my phone and my laptop.

That sounds frustrating. I hope you get the permanent fix you need.
For my MS TODO it is like 10th time then I am loosing all my subtask... WTFVCK?
after all these yers with ms todo... I am changing it NOW.

@darekf77 I experience apparent loss of subtasks on a daily basis, though never all. My fix is to log out of my account and quitting the application (whether it be on my MacBook Air M1 2020 or on my iPhone 11, both running the latest versions of macOS and iOS respectively). Once I start the application again and log back on again, everything is fine, nothing has disappeared.
This is frustrating and I do not understand why Microsoft cannot get this fixed. But I like the integration with other Office apps just enough for me to keep going.

@Dimitri_Ogg enough is enough...

with wunderlist I had zero problem..

Recently I had very 3 important subtasks list GONE forever...
for NO reason..

I am running latest iOS14, big sur and I suspect that this is NOT as synchronization

issue - they've got **bleep**, cheap db solution. You can create task
sync them... all is green, all is ok... and they're GONE.

also MS is putting zero resources to improve app.. .with

wunderlist there was as drag drop support..  in ms todo 

no new features for years... fvck this.




I'm on ios 15 and tried to use todo on 3 kos devices.  Every time I added another device,  all the tasks vanished and then today,  without making any changes,  all the tasks disappeared again.


From the previous post this seems to be a long-standing problem and it also seems that no one from MS has chimed in with a real solution. 


IMHO this app is no way near being ready for prime time. How many billions does MS have and still can't program a simple app like a todo list?



Today I lost all of my tasks from the last 7 days! I realized that my desktop was no longer syncing with my phone, which was concerning. I then started by signing in and out of my phone, and deleting the app. This did not help. I signed in online and realized that web app was synced with my phone, which was not syncing with my desktop over the last 7+ days. I finally deleted the desktop app and signed back in, and it synced with everything else - which means I lost over 7 days of tasks! My whole to do list is now over a week behind, which is crucial as I rely on it heavily throughout my day! How can I locate and restore the data from my desktop application?

This is why I stopped using any form of todo/scheduling apps and use the amazing Notepad.  It has never failed me, never corrupted data and has never spontaneously lost data.


Hi - similar issue and none of the suggest 'helps' have actually helped. Used To Do for a while now since migrating over from Wunderlist - and now a large number of my 'task's have just disappeared. Tried uninstalling and rebooting, connecting on different devices/desktop, but they have just gone. Surprised to realise how much I used these lists for my everyday life, professionally and personally, and now have had a tonne of things just disappear. Incredibly frustrating and disappointing. Any one had a response or have better ideas to try?

@Sarah1230 Did you try logging in to To Do on your web browser? So, going to your Microsoft 360 account and from there check if your tasks are still available??


@bashierah Me too!  I lost every task (even can't find completed tasks).  I need them for my job!  Between, Microsoft Edge Force Closing, Visual Studio Freezing, and Webapps like Outlook and To-Do's having issues, I'm really about done with Microsoft.

@Jason1400 Ouch, sorry to hear that. Did you try the web version of To Do, as well as the mobile and desktop apps? The data might still be somewhere.


I did lose my data that one time but I'm now fully back into Microsoft To Do on mobile, desktop and in Microsoft Teams and its been 100% reliable. All my work tasks (e.g. repeating duties, adhoc things I need to do, tasks for projects, things I need to learn) are available everywhere and nothings been lost since that first time.