ToDo Preview, or general availability, which is it ?


The message around ToDo availability is very confusing, could anyone explain what's actually going to change ?




So firstly, it's generally availability has started, but then immediately that's in no less than 30 days.


The Preview is almost over in the first paragraph, but by the third paragraph it's still a preview.


I understand that the idea her is to give us warning so we can disable licenses if we don't want people to use ToDo, and that these are now in our portal. At the moment we have the toggle option turned off in the tenant settings, as it requires accepting the preview terms, which aren't acceptable to us. When will the preview end, when will the terms revert to standard office 365 terms?


We would love for this to be later this month, we've had users asking to use the preview but the terms just exclude anyone much from using the service.


@Brian Levensonfor clarity of the message.

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Hi Steven,


Thanks for the post and for letting us know there is confusion regarding this announcement.


The intention was to alert admins that licenses have been added to Office 365 subscriptions, so they could begin disabling (or subsequently enabling) licenses in order to control the rollout and/or create groups internally for piloting To-Do.


To answer your question more directly, the upcoming change in late November/early December will:


1) Make access to To-Do purely license-based

2) Make use of To-Do subject to the Online Services Terms and not separate Preview Terms

3) Trigger visibility of To-Do via an app launcher tile (although this may be First Release only based on feedback we are gathering now)


I hope that helps. Sorry for the confusion!

Best wishes,


I'm looking forward to giving my users an early Christmas present of ToDo :)