'todo.microsoft.com' domain changed to 'to-do.office.com' AND UI is WAY different (as of 9/11/18)

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I notice To-Do's domain changed today from todo.microsoft.com to to-do.office.com - and the UI is vastly different.  It's almost like it's not loading a CSS properly since the header bar is minimized (ie. there is not graphic 'scene' any longer and individual To-Do tasks are colored after the list they belong in (which is actually nice, it just looks a bit odd).  I logged in with two different browsers and tried three 365 accounts - all the same UI.  The iPhone mobile app UI is unchanged.  Anyone else seeing this?


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I see the same (Win 10, Firefox). I think its part of the new update they dished out. It's a more simplified layout.

Ok, glad it's not just me - we started testing MS Multi-Factor Auth the same day and I was afraid something was being blocked that was affecting the appearance.  It also threw me off since, as you can see from the screenshot above, changing the 'theme' of a list stay states "choose a color and a scene" where there, in fact, no more header scenes depicted on any lists.  In the web version that is, the To-Do mobile app (at least the iPhone version) has not changed at all and still has the former UI and header scenes per list.  Thanks for confirming.

Also, while there was no mention of either the domain change nor the UI change in the 365 Admin Message Center (where I usually go to stay abreast with changes to our tenant), I did find this on the 365 Road Map:


New design for To-Do for Web: To-Do for Web 's design is getting updated to simplify the experience and align it more closely with the other experiences inside Microsoft 365.
Estimated Release: September CY2018
Feature ID: 33018


So, I guess, there it is...