ToDo Connector now available in Microsoft Flow


Microsoft Flow now has 2 actions related to Microsoft To-Do, so this now open up lots of opportunities ...



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Can you create a Microsoft Flow connector that will:

- When an Office 365 is flagged, a new Microsoft to-do task is created. 


Thanks - J

Easy ...



Awesome! I'll try it out.  That would be wonderful for me. Thank you!



Is this limited to certain countries, I am in Canada, no triggers!

Hi Dave,


What you're seeing described above are connectors, not triggers, as far as I know. Triggers are in development at the moment and we're looking to release them as soon as possible.


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To-Do provides Actions not Triggers. In that example Oulook provides the trigger to start the flow, then an action creates a task in To-Do.



I know that attachments in To-Do is coming this month, but will the Flow to attach that to the task work? Currently, when I attach a PDF with AttechmentContent, it's all gobbly-**bleep** and it's useless.


This will be big for my organization!

I have added a flow, so that when an email is flagged it is added to the task list in To-Do... it works! However, if I move the task into a different list, the task is then removed from the whole To-Do platform. How do I stop this happening?

Would you mind using the in-app 'Contact support' option so we can look into the issue for you? This sounds like a bug we are not aware of yet. It shouldn't be related to Flow specifically but rather moving tasks in To-Do in general.

Does anyone have any experience of Flow with Shared lists? I've create flow that takes data from a Form and creates a To-do in a shared list. It is only visible to me though not the rest of the users who access the shared list.

@Philemon Burney I won't dive too deep into it, but due to some differences in where in your mailbox lists you own vs. lists you join are stored, this does impact the visibility of the lists, especially in apps or platforms that aren't To Do or rather, those that haven't done the extra work to view/access these lists. So in short, this is a known/expected issue given the current state of things.

@Timo Yatesis there any word on To-Do triggers? When task is created, and when task is completed would be great first steps (and mirror Planner's trigger dev path).