To Do very slow in online mode

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I'm using MS To Do over multiple devices.

I use the online app a lot, where I cluster my own tasks and the tasks that are assigned to me.


Multiple times a day To Do is not responding, and after a while a pop up basically tells me "The pages are not responding" and asks if I want to wait or close tha pages.


This is ultra irritating. The app on my Ipad or Iphone works faster and better but in many cases it's more handy to work with the online tool since you're working on a computer anyhow.


Is anyone else experiencing this too? I have attachted the pop up I see at least 5 times a day (in Dutch, sorry)


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I was a WunderList user and now To Do.  I have a lot of lists that I access on different Apple devices.


I keep being struck by how slow the app on my MacBook is.


For example, to click on a task to show it completed.  Wait, wait, wait.  20 seconds is not uncommon.


To add an item to my grocery list.  Wait, wait, wait.


What do you suppose is up with that?  It doesn't seem nearly as slow on my iPhone app.

@geriler To Do works well with the app for me too. Absolutely no problem with my Iphone or Ipad.

But working on google chrome within our terminal server it's just hell on earth.

20 seconds is not uncommon, but so is 1 minute or more.


Can't believe a year later this is still an issue. This software is so simple.

@JohnMWait yeah it's strange since I so often see the message that there is a new version available.