To-Do's To Do vs Outlook's To-Do List

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As we are planning to move mailboxes to Exchange Online, we now have the possibility for using Microsoft's To-Do lists. 

We still have some users that uses the outlook tasks, though. I really want to motivate the users to migrate their tasks to Microsoft To-Do. The best argument would be that Outlook tasks will be removed eventually. However, I cant find anything that would back this argument up. 


Maybe you guys know if this is the roadmap? If not, do you agree that this is the better choice going forward?




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I don't think this is on a roadmap, because currently tasks are synced between Outlook and To-Do. There is no need to migrate. Although To-Do is a bit less advanced. 

would be nice if To Do Steps would sync with Outlook!! I am finding my ideal workflow would use Outlook with Windows and To Do with mobile, still think there are lots of potential with ToDo and mobile, feel like a broken record asking when email to task will become a reality for mobile, why other vendors can work with Outlook team and not ToDo team boggles my mind

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Outlook Tasks sync to Microsoft To-Do. There's nothing you have to do, there is no migration necessary and the end user can choose to use either Outlook Tasks or Microsoft To-Do. Just like tasks entered in Microsoft To-Do will sync to Tasks in Outlook. There are a few differences in the available features between the two applications, so for some, creating the task in Outlook will make more sense (for example, a recurring, auto-generated task can currently only be created in Outlook) while a task with steps would have to be created and managed in To-Do as the steps don't sync to Outlook Tasks. Attachments are another discrepancy. They currently exist only in Outlook Tasks.


What does not sync from Outlook to To-Do (yet) are follow-up flags assigned to emails. But these aren't really tasks, they're more like reminders.


Overall, there are plenty of reasons and features already in place to use To-Do for your daily task management.

glad that microsoft decided to migrate the two. I now see outlook tasks and to do tasks integrated together. Also I'm starting to see tasks from planner also integrated within the to do application. This is what I have been waiting for.


my recommendation on use is to keep using outlook while using the desktop app since you are there. Then while using planner do your thing there as well. 


To-Do will have all tasks. If you create tasks from the to do side of things it will then show on the outlook side as well.


Personally for me I go to the to do application and there I move tasks around. create new ones and assign to folders etc.

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