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Hi, will Microsoft TO DO put back the ability to make comments so everyone in . the team can see who made what comment regarding a list just as it was in wunderlist. Such an important feature taken away.

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Absolutely need this function! I am going to convert from Wunderlist to ToDoist instead of MS To Do if I don't get ASAP. Once I'm converted I would never go back to MS To Do

Microsoft To-Do needs to implement a comment section such as the one to be found in Wunderlist. Without the comment function, To-Do is almost obsolete and cannot be used as a replacement for Wunderlist.


The comment function is required for effective team work as well as for long-term tasks where you log phone calls and other events using the comment function.




I am in the same boat. My entire team converted to Microsoft To Do--a Nightmare ever since. I will have to research To Do. I never heard of it.

@London-Photographer This feature is an absolute MUST! Without it To Do is completely useless as a collaboration tool!


@Microsoft: you've had 5 years to build a software that a few guys in Berlin have built from scratch.

With all your money and resources, with the help of the 6Wunderkinder team itself, after 5 years of don't have a comments feature? Really?


This is a testimony to incredible incompetence.