To Do not removing flagged email from Outlook

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To Do is not removing flagged email when the flag is removed in Outlook.

Flagged Outlook messages are added to the Flagged Email category in To Do, but when I clear the flag in Outlook, it remains in To Do.

Any suggestions?

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@Bob_McLaughlin I also have sort of the same issue. Flagged emails are added to my Flagged email category in To Do, but when I mark a flagged email as completed it keeps on being visible in To Do. Does anyone has an idea what the problem is? Thanks!

Hi, @Bob_McLaughlin this is the exact problem that I'm facing and was looking for an answer on. I've just started to clean up and after using MS To-Do to sort my tasks that are associated with a flag list I noticed I was getting swamped. But, now I'm going through them I've noticed loads are either not flagged anymore or the flag is status "complete"

Did you ever find a solution for this? this has prevented me from using To Do for years. i've been using it for my personal account but still can't use it for work because of this "feature"

@ProkopivIgor , still no resolution for this, and it is a problem.

I use flagged emails and categories to keep myself organized using my own version of Getting Things Done.

I am going to have to rethink how to change a system that I have been using for decades

To remove flagged emails, click on your account in the top left corner and then settings. Scroll down to Connected app and you can turn the flagged email option off.