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In MY Day I need to be able to go see previous days and move things forward.
2) I want to export my daily to do list Does this TO DO App do these simple, but necessary functions?
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I also need information about how to see my previos days in Microsoft To Do. ANy help will be appreciated. 

I found my previous days tasks in the Tasks list - when clicking on the individual task you see when the task was created. Essentially the incomplete tasks for your day are moved to the generic "Tasks" list. 

@LightGlow20 @vctorgab @Jay_C2040 I've created an open source tool here to do this: 

It's a work in progress, but open to PRs.

This is indeed a very preliminary function that NEEDS to be added. I wish there was a way to bring Microsoft's attention to this
If you go to PLANNED you will see EARLIER. Click that and you should see a list of incomplete items that had planned dates from past to present. Much better than having to go through a calendar month by month. Is this what you're looking for?

@kevinfreels no, because I want to see the completed items.

It'd be very helpful if we had a way of accessing past day list, see how productive we've been, how many tasks a day did we complete and how many did we leave incomplete, how many tasks a day we aim to complete, could we/should we push for more tasks or is it enough.

I agree
Please @microsoft do something about this. We are in 2022 already. and we need this feature
I hope we have this feature in 2022.