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In MY Day I need to be able to go see previous days and move things forward.
2) I want to export my daily to do list Does this TO DO App do these simple, but necessary functions?
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I also need information about how to see my previos days in Microsoft To Do. ANy help will be appreciated. 

I found my previous days tasks in the Tasks list - when clicking on the individual task you see when the task was created. Essentially the incomplete tasks for your day are moved to the generic "Tasks" list. 

@LightGlow20 @vctorgab @Jay_C2040 I've created an open source tool here to do this: 

It's a work in progress, but open to PRs.

This is indeed a very preliminary function that NEEDS to be added. I wish there was a way to bring Microsoft's attention to this
If you go to PLANNED you will see EARLIER. Click that and you should see a list of incomplete items that had planned dates from past to present. Much better than having to go through a calendar month by month. Is this what you're looking for?

@kevinfreels no, because I want to see the completed items.

It'd be very helpful if we had a way of accessing past day list, see how productive we've been, how many tasks a day did we complete and how many did we leave incomplete, how many tasks a day we aim to complete, could we/should we push for more tasks or is it enough.

I agree
Please @microsoft do something about this. We are in 2022 already. and we need this feature
I hope we have this feature in 2022.


I just noticed in the To Do web app, there is a "Suggestions" link in the upper right that includes all the unfinished tasks from yesterday, as well as other unfinished tasks. From here you can select the ones you want to move forward to "My Day." This is also available in the iPhone app.

I hadn't noticed this before.

Thanks, @johnnycardy. This is exactly what I was looking for. It should be a standard view.

Not quite what I was after. Isn't there a AUTOMATIC mechanism for something that does NOT get completed today will roll over to MyDay (Tomorrow). This is a very commonsense approach to task management where you have a list of things to do today that do not get done and should automatically be KEPT in MYDAY.


To have to do anything handraulically to make this happen is poor design, introduces points of failure and frankly is less than sensible. Anything that is in MYDAY should stay in MYDAY until completed or removed. It would be very simple to put in a configuration checkbox (KEEP incomplete tasks in MYDAY: YES/NO). I wonder at times if MS personnel actually use their own products.




I just found a better way to do this than using MYDAY. If you use PLANNED it will automatically slot tasks into TODAY when you create them. If you then do not complete the task, it stays in PLANNED, but is marked (in RED) as OVERDUE. You have the option of putting any date in (rather than today) as the due date. Whilst I have many folders including MY DAY, I now just use Planned. This is exactly what I wanted, the ability to automatically (and simply) rollover tasks and know they would not get dropped off a/the list.