To-Do 'My Day' - Not working?

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I just installed to-do on my iPhone. I have added a number of tasks to 'Work' and 'Home', some were added yesterday, some today and some were for tomorrow. I am not really sure how 'My Day' was going to work, I can see tasks I completed yesterday but its not suggesting tasks I have for today or tomorrow? Do I need to give it time to analyse my tasks or is it supposed to suggest straight away? Sorry if this is a stupid post!

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You have to explicitly add tasks to "My Day", which is only a view of tasks actually contained in other lists.

I agree with you that it is a dumb way of working: due tasks should appear automatically in "My Day", but at the moment it is not the way it works.

Hope it helps...

Hey Salvatore, ah ok I was sure that when I saw the demo of 'My Day' in the suggestions section (when you click the lightbulb) it suggested from a list of upcoming tasks? Which you can then choose to add to your 'My Day' if you want. Actually yesterday I created a task in 'Work' that was due for today and it did appear in the suggestions list this morning.


The way I would have thought it worked would be to scan all your lists, then present to you in the Suggestions section, tasks from those list that maybe due to complete soon, so if you had capacity to do them today you could add them to 'My Day'..?

It could be but, in any case, you have to explicitly add tasks to "My Day" which, as already said, is only a view and not a real task container. For this reason, I don't use "My Day", which I find totally unuseful.

In fact, in my way of getting things done, the tasks I should complete each day are all and only the tasks which are overdue on my lists. Hence, "My Day" could be useful for me only if it included automatically my overdue tasks.


@Andrew Cummings 

This is how it is working on my Pixal phone - The light bulb does show tasks from my planner and outlook tasks that I can add to My Day, but I am trying to set up my friend with this and they have an iphone. I found that this doesn't happen - the pop up only allows you to manually type in a task and does not show any of her planner or outlook task items. I am wondering if maybe it does not work with the Apple OS?

I “add to my day” and it doesn’t populated the My Day view anyway. Always a blank.