to-do list not syncing with boss

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I have a MS to do list and I am sharing 6 different sub-lists with my boss. We are on the same internal network. When I update my list I would expect that it would update the list on her computer, as well. That way she can see when a task has been added, completed, moved from one list to another, added notes, or when steps have been completed. Instead, she sees old tasks that were completed some time ago and my new tasks are not appearing. Is there a setting to update on her desktop that will automatically update my task list and keep it current with the one I am using? She does not use this app herself, it is only so she can view my tasks.

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I have the same problem  as @Eric_Johnson … I've shared a List with a colleague and the latter doesn't see revisions/updates I've made to my List. I've noticed nobody appears to have responded to the first post... any ideas?