To-Do is great but what's next?

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Really like Microsoft To-Do, love how simple to use and quickly you can focus on particular tasks in the day whether due or not. Also, through adding a 'quick step' in outlook it is easy to bring tasks through driven by emails received. 


Like others though I'm interested to see what future developments there will be, is there a roadmap for what is coming out?

The latest version seems to give ability to add notes and details when the tasks are created.


Personally I'd like to see To-Do retain it's simplicity but the ability to have sub-tasks or dependent tasks and then to be able to share and allocate other MS users. If To-Do could link with Onenote and other MS applications too I'm sure that would be extremely useful.


However, really found the app useful as it stands and look forward to further developments.



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I've found the To-Do UserVoice site as a good way to see what is in the works and coming next. For instance, the top voted feature is Subtasks, and I noticed that subtasks were available in my tenant this morning.

Thanks Michael, yeah I've been on the user voice site and agreed it is pretty good. Information regarding what is coming out feels a little bit drip fed and with no dates though which doesn't provide confidence. I did notice the sub-tasks though which is good. 

maybe now that Joe B is responsible for ToDo and Wunderlist, hope he lights a fire under the dev teams asses to move much faster