To-Do Due Date not updating Calendar

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In, if I create a To-Do and add a Due Date, it is not adding an entry in Calendar.

I have also tried this with the To-Do Android app. Both Calendar and To-Do are signed in using the same account.

Any suggestions?


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All tasks are stored on Exchange Online services, so they'll show in both Microsoft To-Do and Outlook automatically.


@Shijuraj I have tried adding due dates in To-Do.  Though they display in Outlook Tasks, these due dates do not appear in my outlook calendar.  Tasks with due dates from Planner show up on my calendar, but not from Outlook Tasks or To-Do.  Please explain step by step how to get these due dates on my Outlook calendar.  I see no way to export a calendar.  Thank you.

There are no calendar integration in To-Do today, although they are working on it!

See the following uservoice and also make a vote:



I don't know how I got it working but I have it working on my new phone now also.

I have a personal account, not an Office 365 one.

I am running To-Do on Android. I have added my outlook account to To-Do and to the Samsung Calendar account.

I am syncing email, calendar, contacts and tasks on my phone with

When I add a To-Do, it is added to Tasks in

When I add a Due date to the task, it adds the Task to the calendar.


Ok! Cool!! I’ll check that out!