To- Do does not sync with OWA

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last week I first tried the new integration of To-Do in the Outlook Web App. And it did work at first: When I flagged an email in OWA, it directly appeared as a task on the To-Do website. And when I completed it in To-Do it was marked as done in OWA.


But now it does not work anymore. The new flagged mail do not appear in To Do and completed mails in To-Do are not marked in OWA.


On top, To-Do in the web does not have any menu anymore. The top bar ist just empty. So I cannot open and check the settings.


Is To-Do in the web broken at the moment?



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Update: Die menu in the top bar is back this morning. So I can open the settings again. There it says sync is up to date, which is obviously not.

@rader_2306 Apologies for the troubles! Can you please tell me which browser this is happening in, and maybe also try to open another browser, sign in there on, and check if it syncs better?



@Marcel Käding Thank you. It seems to work now on Chrome and other browsern - even better than before. Maybe they worked on that issue?

@Marcel KädingIt is not working for me... I flag and e-mail but it doesn't show up in my To_do list. I am using Edge.

Actually, after turn it on for the first time, It sync one e-mail only and then nothing more.

@rader_2306messing with the app in the Windows 10, wich have the same issue betwen Microsoft Mail and Microsoft To_do, I can see that flagging is working for some e-mails but not for others. I don't know what is the point or difference from one e-mail flagged getting synced betwen the apps and others that don't sync.