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When will it possible to choose whether I want to plan the following day (My day) the day before or on the morning? One of the time management rules I teach in my courses is to plan the next day at the end of the current work day in order to know what to come back to the next day.

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Agreed. A huge miss.
Can’t believe it’s not already implemented! Planning is HUGE factor when it comes to tasks.

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Maybe if enough people wat it we'll get it, it's definitely needed


There is 7 requests for this feature, all have the same requirement, all quite old, all just a slightly different way of asking for it. But same subject / feature at the bottom of it.

If Microsoft combined these into one - the number of views, likes and replies would add up to a very high number of votes.


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These are all requests from people who are struggling to be able to forward plan with To-Do & Planner software system.