There is no flagged email option in connected apps section of MS ToDo

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Hello everyone.

I am trying to connect outlook tasks to the ToDo app. After reading some support pages, I found out that I should enable the flagged email option in the connected apps section of the MS ToDo settings.

The problem is that there is only one option, planner, in that section.

I've tested windows and web apps. But the settings are the same.

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@alihoseiny I have the same issue, Flagged Emails is not an option in the Connected apps section in todo. I use Outlook desktop and have the Outlook Todo app on my desktop as well. Did you ever find an answer to this issue?

@alihoseiny I'm having the same issue.   Microsoft - Please see the Capture.JPGattached snap shot. 



No. I'm still waiting for someone with an answer. :)



I'm having the same issue.  The setting doesn't appear for me online or in any version of the App for my personal MS account.  However, if I log out of any of the apps and log in with my Work account, the setting option appears.  So it tells me it has to do with the account and not the app but this is just a guess on my part.  I've tried this on both Android and IOS devices, and the web browser.  


I've sent multiple emails to MS but have not gotten any response. 

@hntopper Frustrating to reach out to MS for help and hear nothing back. I only have a work account so can not check if another log in would work. The option does not appear for others in our organization as well - not helpful when trying to create efficiency. 



Interesting.  If you are using your work account, perhaps your administrator has not enabled it?  My work account works fine.  I'm having my issues with my personal account.  I tried with my wife's personal account and she doesn't have it either.  

I am having the same problem. I see the Flagged Email bar in the IOS app, but not on my desktop. I am using Microsoft 365.

Was this issue every resolved on personal account access to To-Do having tasks from E-mails flagged in Outlook? I've been using To-Do on my work account for years. I really, really like it. Today I thought to try it on my personal account. I installed To-Do on my personal computer and I can't even find the Enable Flagged E-mails on my Settings menu. I can't even figure out how to create a smart list.

@ProductiveTimeSaver I just started using To Do yesterday and have same issue. In researching I came across this page: Using Microsoft To Do with flagged email from Outlook - Microsoft Support


Specifically, this section:

Note: This feature is only available if you’re using an account that’s hosted by Microsoft, such as an,, or account. It’s also available if you’re using an account hosted by Microsoft but using a custom domain. 


Since I have my yahoo account linked, it does not work for me.

Thank you for researching this and sharing this information. So it won't work for me then. I'll continue using then for my personal work, but I like To-Do better.
I do have a personal Outlook account, but I don't think a flagged E-mail in that will show up in To-Do, even though it is hosted by Microsoft. The reason is because I don't even see the Setting in To-Do. I tried just now flagging an e-mail, but not seeing it in To-Do, and still not seeing the setting.


i had the same issue. I had an Gmail address as the primary login and as an alias, i had an outlook email address.


What worked for me:

make the secondary outlook alias to the primary in the account settings of office

delete the the gmail address


logout of all instances and login with the outlook address

the flagged email option appeared then.


Maybe then you can add the gmail address to the login info as an secondary alias if needed


Thank you Andreas. This worked for me so now my personal Outlook Mail that are flagged are showing up in To-Do.

Now I have to figure out what to do given that gmail is my primary E-mail account.