Tasks not syncing properly

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Hello everyone


I'm using To Do since it got released. And yeah, I often got sync problems but this one right now drives me crazy! I'm so close to leave this train when this won't be fixed in the next time...

I'm using 4 devices with To Do (2x PC, Notebook, Mobile). Syncing works most times very good and fast but on my personal PC at home, I really have to reset the UWP App nearly every 2 weeks!


After I reset the app I logging me in with my business account and it syncs immediately all tasks and everything is fine. But after a few weeks, syncing stops magically. Tasks I'm adding get not synced and when I go into the in-app settings and hit the sync button manually, nothing happens. No message that it can't sync or that it have all synced or something, just nothing, like if the button lost its function...


while the sync on the other devices works perfectly. I really don't get it. Has anyone the same issue or is it just me? Any troubleshooting methods?


What I already tried:

  • checked internet connection and all that stuff...
  • terminate app
  • reset app
  • reinstall app
  • update app
  • logged in with only one account (business)
  • logged in with two accounts (personal & business)

Thanks for every help/ideas!

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