Tasks Move from Planned to My Day in Reverse Alphabetical Order

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If in a browser version of To Do I select the set of tasks under 'Today' within the 'Planned' area, right-click, and select 'Add to My Day', the tasks populate the 'My Day' area in reverse alphabetical order.


This does not happen if I perform the same actions in the Windows To Do app.


I'm currently using Version 2.20.1 in my browsers. This situation happens across browsers and in two different accounts. It happened at least with 2.19 and perhaps with some prior versions, but it hasn't always happened.


Is this the proper place to share something like this? I do have a conversation thread going with Microsoft To Do support about a separate apparent bug, but I wonder whether a post in a forum like this might be more effective (and also help me learn whether I might be doing something wrong to cause this).


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