Tasks added via Outlook web aren't showing up in To Do web


When I drag an email into the To Do bar on the right ("Add as a Task" area), it appears in the list of tasks.  (I typically then edit the title of the task.)  It stays there in Outlook, but if I open To Do, the task doesn't appear in my task list.  I've tried opening and closing the To Do tab, but nothing seems to help.  I am using Outlook and To Do web versions (in Chrome).


Is this an issue for anyone else?  I need to see the task in the To Do tab so I can add information or change other properties that aren't available via the Outlook's To Do bar.

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They finally showed up. Took about an hour. I didn't take a specific action (that I can tell) to get it to work, so I'm just assuming that there was some sort of backlog in the task ecosystem somewhere. I did notice that when open Outlook for the web, an Outlook icon appears in my task tray with a little red gear. If I hover my mouse over it, there is a message, "Another program is using Outlook...". Right-clicking on the icon allows you to exit Outlook. I may have done that, then closed and reopened Outlook on the web, which brought that icon back. It's possible that got things going, but I'm not completely sure.