Task Attachments Disappearing




I attach emails to To-Do tasks by creating the task, opening it, and dragging and dropping emails into the Add Files section of the task. Over the last several weeks, when I go back to one of these tasks I receive an error that says:


"We're Sorry! There was an error uploading (MESSAGE NAME).msg, please try again later."


When I click OK, it returns me to the task but the attachment is gone. This is obviously a problem because I don't want to have to go back and search my email, that is the point. 


This same issue has also occurred when an email is added as a link attachment by dragging into Outlook tasks. The attachment shows up in To-Do as a link, and when you click it you get to a blank website instead of taking you to the message in Outlook online. 


Several others in our company have been experiencing this issue. 

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