Sync tasks from Outlook to Todo removes steps

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OK, so this seems odd to me.


I've just found out that MS Todo can sync with Outlook tasks. I don't know why I didn't before but it's exactly what I need.


I was thrilled to find that Todo also has 'steps' as this will cut down the overall number of tasks I need.


What I'm not so happy with is that if I make a change to the task on Outlook, it wipes out the steps completely. I can understand Outlook not understanding steps and therefore just ignoring them, but is this behaviour by design or am I doing something wrong?

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Happy workday to you. I completed a test, and here are my learnings.


  • I created tasks with steps in To-Do.  
  • I opened Outlook Desktop.  Outlook Desktop did not display the To-Do steps; however, Outlook Desktop appropriately synced the remaining items.
  • I made changes in the Outlook Desktop description area, and it synced to To-Do once I hit the refresh button (F5) in the To-Do app.
  • I also added a note from the To-Do app, and it instantly synced to Outlook Desktop. See images below.

To-Do Image




Outlook Desktop



By design, the steps do not sync in Outlook.  If you feel strongly about this feature, you can vote for this feature in MS new Feedback Portal.


As a reminder, MS made some significant updates to the To-Do app recently.  I also recommend that you update To-Do apps on all devices. 


For PC Desktop, Go to Microsoft Store, Click the ... (3 dots/more options), then select Downloads and Updates. Any apps you have on your PC, including To-Do, will update.



For mobile, go to Google Play if you have Android.


Also, make sure you have the latest Office updates.